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to do an accounting degree

If you want to do a degree with an accounting subject
Types of Accounting
General Financial Accounting:
This is the recording, retrieval and summarization of corporate/individual financial data. This involves auditing, generating a periodic profit and loss summary, balance sheets and cash flow statements and includes the aspects relating to legal and business requirements.
Management Accounting and Open Book Accounting
This form of accounting is the representation of data and financial summaries for corporate financial decision makers. Open book accounting is an accounting principle to ensure accounting transparency in democratic organizations as well as others.
Tax Accounting:
This is corporate of individual accounting that is meant to ensure compliance with tax laws and regional tax regulations.
Financial Audits
Financial audits can be both internal and external. Internal accounting is similar to management accounting, as it also provides audit summaries to internal corporate decision makers. These audits are carried out by employees of the corporation itself. The external audit is the audit of a corporate entity by external independent auditor(s); auditors examine financial records and summaries in order to verify their adherence to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and international financial reporting standards (IFRS).
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To do a degree : To do a phb

If you want to do a degree, why not a phb degree
Bachelor of Philosophy (B.Phil.; occasionally B.Ph. or Ph.B.) is the title of an academic degree. The degree usually involves considerable research, either through a thesis or supervised research projects. Despite its name, it is in many universities – for example, the University of Oxford – a graduate degree.
Several universities have adopted the Oxford model of the B.Phil. as a graduate degree, either as originally intended (in a variety of academic subjects) or as it has subsequently developed (in philosophy only); for example, Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram and Newcastle University.
At other universities, the term "Bachelor of Philosophy" refers to an undergraduate bachelor's degree. Frequently the degree is research-based or involves a considerable amount of independent study. For example, at Pennsylvania State University, the highly selective B.Phil. program enables students to plan their own academic programs in conjunction with a faculty preceptor. At Miami University's School of Interdisciplinary Studies, also known as the Western College Program, B.Phil candidates participate in a residential program, work with faculty to design individualized majors, and produce a thesis; the university's Board of Trustees in 2007 stripped the school of its division status, and participating students beginning in 2009 will matriculate in a new Western program within the College of Arts and Sciences and receive a traditional B.A. or B.S. At the undergraduate Honors College of the University of Pittsburgh, B.Phil. candidates must pass oral examinations of a senior thesis. The University of Birmingham offers the B.Phil. as a taught, research-based undergraduate degree in the fields of Education and Counselling.
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kind of degrees

OK you want to do a degree but,
what kind of degrees can you get?
You can be surprised by the sheer amount of different degree you can study, but if you want to do a degree, you have to check the level :
•Certificate: Certificates are available for those just out of high school, or students who have earned higher degrees, but are in need of additional career education. At the certificate level, some of the online programs available include digital technology studies, business programs, and even medical certificates.
•Associate’s: Two year degrees are prevalent online, and are an excellent option for students who would like to complete career education. You can study to receive your associate’s degree online in programs such as business administration, accounting, health information technology, and computer programming.
•Bachelor’s: If you’re interested in receiving a bachelor’s degree online, there are lots of options available to you. You’ll find lots of programs online, including game art design, project management, international business, and fashion design.
•Master’s: Continue your education with a master’s degree online. You can choose from programs including educational administration, financial management, health care administration, and nursing.
•MBA: Master’s of Business Administration are particularly popular online, and make a great option for working professionals who would like to further their education and career. You’ll find a variety of options for MBAs, including health care administration, human resources, marketing, and e-business.
•PhD: Believe it or not, you can receive a doctorate online as well. Complete a higher level of education with an online doctorate in subjects such as psychology, pharmacy, public policy, information systems, and more.

To do a master degree on-line

you want to do a degree on-line?

Online education presents an excellent opportunity for many students, offering a way to receive a fully accredited education in an incredibly flexible environment. It’s a great way for working professionals, stay at home parents, and other students with challenging schedules to obtain a certificate or degree, when otherwise they might not be able to.
Although online education is a wonderful phenomenon, and growing in popularity and legitimacy, there are still many institutions that are less than qualified, and aren’t the best choice for a quality education. It’s for this reason that it’s important that you pay attention to rankings for online schools.

In addition to legitimacy, it’s also important to evaluate schools through rankings because there’s such a wide variety of schools out there. With rankings, reviews, and more, you can better understand what each school has to offer, and make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the best online school for your wants and needs.

Why not to do a MBA

You want to do a degree and
You want to do a mba?

In many careers, an MBA Degree can gain you a position of greater responsibility and the ability to switch from one area of business to another - from marketing or sales to strategic planning or finance, for example. Getting an MBA is often a typical strategy for those looking to change their career altogether. Many people seek management positions after acquiring expertise in different fields with their Master of Business Administration.
Employees may aspire to a field that requires an MBA as an entry. An MBA will also let prospective employers know that you have the knowledge and skills above others to meet the demands and management skills of a high level job. Obtaining specific management training and expertise is another common reason for pursuing an MBA. The MBA is a general management degree, but most provide the opportunity to focus one's studies in specific areas. If you are involved in a specialized field, there are also specialized master's programs and seminars that may better suit your specific coursework needs. If you need to learn something about a few specific topics, consider an executive education program. These are usually workshops or seminars that require several hours or even days to complete.
MBA's usually have higher salaries than other workers with like experience. Salary can vary greatly between an employee with a Bachelors degree and one with an MBA. There is a cost to having an MBA. While you're working on your degree, you may need to leave your job and paycheck for a couple of years. You will have to devote a great deal of time and energy in to obtaining a Master of Business or an Online MBA. This can leave you with little time for your family and leisure activities.
An MBA Program is an investment in yourself, and as with any investment, you need to decide whether the potential return is worth the time and money spent. Having an MBA offers no guarantees that you will get the higher paying jobs that you seek. Look at the financial costs and benefits realistically. There are also many returns beyond financial ones. Having your MBA can allow more job freedom as you would have access to better job opportunities - that can lead to better job satisfaction.

If you want to do a mba...

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